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The Encinitas Educational Foundation or EEF at Mission Estancia Elementary raises the vital funding for the Enrichment Program at our school. The foundation is a chapter of the greater Encinitas Educational Foundation that was organized by parents to bridge the gap between public school funding and the needs of the Mission Estancia students. It is the goal of the EEF to ensure our kids receive the best possible education.

The community of parents and caregivers, administrators, and teachers strives to provide outstanding educational opportunities for our students. Our 2016 fundraising goal is $100,000 in order to provide vital funding for the Enrichment Program at Mission Estancia. Our fundraising efforts go directly to pay the teachers’ salaries for the “Rotation Wheel” – Music & Performing Arts, Science Enrichment, and Digital Literacy. Nearly half of California school districts have created foundations to provide additional educational opportunities for students. Mission Estancia is no exception. The EEF at ME seeks to create learning opportunities for students to enhance what is being taught in the standard curriculum. The Enrichment Program at Mission Estancia focuses on helping students analyze and apply the knowledge they are aquiring in the classroom. Our goal is to create “World ready students.”

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Our fundraising Goal is $100,000  – We are asking each family to contribute $400.

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Board Members

Mika Barber  |  President – mikabarber@msn.com
Breanne Alshin  |  Vice President – breanne1980@mac.com
Tamara Piland  |  VP of Finance – tamarapiland@outlook.com
Meredith Wesley  |  Corporate Matching – meredithwesley@gmail.com
Amy Pleickhardt  |  Restaurant Night Coordinator – apleickhardt@gmail.com
Barbara Larson  |  Legacy Tile Coordinator – killbarbie@roadrunner.com
Stephanie Barberree  |  Pancake Breakfast Co-Chair – Stephanie.barberree@gmail.com
Liz Kenny  |  Pancake Breakfast Co-Chair – lizkenny@comast.net
Jennifer Santa Maria  |  Mom’s Night Out Chair – petenjen07@att.net

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What is EEF at ME?
EEF at ME stands for Encinitas Educational Foundation at Mission Estancia. The foundation is a chapter of the greater Encinitas Educational Foundation that was created to supplement the district’s budget to ensure our kids receive the best possible education regardless of how our schools are funded.

What does EEF at ME pay for?
EEF at ME pays for the Enrichment Program by providing vital funds for teachers’ salaries. The Enrichment Program at Mission Estancia adds to educational opportunities our students receive at school. The Enrichment Program enhances the learning by adding to the standard curriculum. The Enrichment teachers are full-time fully credentialed teachers who specialize in the subject they teach.
This year our children benefit from:

  • Science Enrichment Teacher
  • Music & Performing Arts
  • Digital Literacy

Who decides how money raised by EEF at ME is spent?
Each year, the School Site Council develops a plan and budget to allocate the supplemental funds EEF raises through parent contributions. This board is comprised of administrators, teachers and parents. Their focus is to provide our children with the best education possible. Every child benefits from our funded programs.

How does EEF at ME fundraise?
Our primary fundraiser is the Fall Fund Drive. We ask each family to fully to donate to the EEF at ME during this time. One half of EEF at ME funds are raised during the Fall Fund Drive – Please give generously!
In addition, we fundraise through other events throughout the year.

How can our family donate?
• Donate online with your credit card. Monthly payments are available.
• Swipe your credit card at the EEF at OPE tables after school during our Annual Pledge Drive.
• Write a check. Please include the Fall Fund Drive Form with your donation.

What is The Rotation Wheel?
Once a week, each grade level goes on rotation with 3 subject-specific Enrichment Teachers. While students are “on The Wheel,” their classroom teachers are available for teacher collaboration & planning.

How is the EEF different from the PTA?
The EEF at ME and the PTA work closely together to ensure our students get the best education our community can provide. As mentioned above, the EEF at ME raises important funds to support the salaries of our Enrichment Program teachers. The PTA raises funds for class and school supplies (such as computers and PE equipment), and other academic programs (such as MARE and Gold Rush). Here is an easy way to differentiate between the two organizations: the EEF pays for people, the PTA pays for programs. Both of these groups will require your support in order to ensure that our students continue to benefit from supplemental programs that greatly enrich their academic experience.

How can my business help? Are there corporate sponsorship opportunities?
We welcome EEF at ME corporate partners! Please contact us for information about event sponsorship, donations, and advertising. eef.mission@gmail.com

The Encinitas Educational Foundation at MIssion Estancia Elementary School is a privately-funded foundation with a mission to supplement and enrich our children’s education.

EEF at ME needs your tax-deductible contributions to support existing programs. Without your donations we cannot continue to offer these programs.