Featured Teachers at Mission Estancia Elementary

Ms. Creighton

Ms. Creighton earned her Master’s of Education and her Life Science & Biology credential from UCLA.

Ms. Creighton has extensive experience teaching Life, Earth & Physical Science to grades 6-12 and, most recently, in grades K-6 in Encinitas Union School District. She is excited about focusing on the NGSS – Next Generation Science Standards, an inquiry based, more student-driven approach, integrating science with other disciplines and the Engineering Design Process. She is excited to teach through hands-on investigations, demonstrations, and activities.

Ms. Creighton has 3 children of her own who have attended Encinitas Schools.

Interview Question: What’s the coolest idea/experiment you’ve seen at a science fair?

Answer: “Hands-on chemistry is always fun & a recent presentation of 3D printing applications was very interesting.”

Mrs. Treibel

Mrs. Treibel  has two Career Technical Education credentials in Arts, Media, and Entertainment, as well as Information Technology.

Mrs. Triebel’s professional experience includes working in broadcast journalism, film, radio, and music performance. She also takes students to the Annual Student Television Network Convention, a national broadcast and film competition.

Mrs. Triebel enjoys water sports and mountain biking. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences with students and exploring the world of technology.

Interview Question: What app could you not live without?  

Answer: “We always need to know where we’re going in life, so I could not live without WAZE!”

Ms. Nagby

Ms. Nagby earned her Master’s of Music in Vocal Performance from SDSU with an emphasis on Pedagogy. She received her BA in English, Liberal Studies, and Music from CSU San Bernardino and a California Teaching Credential from San Diego Christian College.

Ms. Nagby has an impressive musical resume and is very experienced in performing arts. She has appeared on stage in a number of opera, oratorio, and musical theater roles. She is an active recital artist and spent time last year touring and performing throughout the US. She has served as director of a children’s musical theater and director of choral music.

Ms. Nagby is living is San Diego with her two little boys, her wonderful husband, and dog, Figaro.

Interview Question: If you could meet any artist past or present who would it be?

Answer: Oh, that’s too hard! I think I’d like to meet Ned Rorem.  He’s an awesome composer, and I love singing many of his songs.  From what I’ve read, I think I’d like to know him, too. On the other hand,  I’d love to see any of the great composers while they were working-watch their process, or hear them perform-that would be incredible!  I met Renee Flemming (an opera singer) and Lori Laitman ( a modern composer) this summer.  I was surprised by how excited I was about that.  An interview with Renee Flemming changed my life when I was a young music student-she gave wisdom in that interview that I needed to hear.  And I have sung songs by Lori Laitman for years-it was an honor to meet them both.

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